Fun educational learning game Quarto Classic

Quarto Classic

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Objective :

Be the 1st to form a line of four pieces, ( horizontally, vertically or diagonally ) which all have at least one characteristic in common. (Height or Colour or Shape or Solid/ Hollow)


Each of the 16 pieces has 4 different attributes. The aim is to line up 4 pieces which share the same attribute. The problem is you can't choose which piece you're going to play. Your opponent chooses for you.

Contents : a board with 16 squares, 16 different pieces each with 4 characteristics.


  1. Mensa Select Top 5 Best Games 
  2. Parent’s Choice Gold Award 
  3. Dé d’Or des Créateurs de Jeux 
  4. Oscar du Jouet-Toy Oscar 
  5. Jouet de l’année-Game of the Year 
  6. Super As d’Or Festival International des Jeux-Super Golden Ace 
  7. Toy Award 
  8. Spiel des Jahres-Game of the Year 
  9. Giocco Dell’anno-Game of the Year 
  10. Speelgoed Vant Jaar-Game of the year 
  11. Best Bet of the Toy Testing Council 
  12. Prix d’Excellence des Consommateurs-Consumer’s Toy Award 
  13. Games Magazine “Games 100 Selection”
  14. Game of the Year – FINLAND
  15. Parent’s Choice Top 25 games in 25 years 

Mandated by European and International toy safety standards EN71

Learning aspect:
Quarto is an outstanding strategy game of deductive reasoning.
Fun way to practise:
Logical Reasoning,  Problem Solving, Abstract Thinking, Advanced planning,  Decision Making
Good training for:
Focus, Patience
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